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The Old Grey Muzzle Tour 2014 – a 50-day, cross-country scientific expedition
    by Dr. David J. Waters to study 17 of the oldest-living Rottweilers in the U.S.
    in their homes. The trek begins in Columbia, Pennsylvania on February 28.
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The Old Grey Muzzle Tour Healthy Longevity Notebook was created as a special
    gift for those people who donate their financial support to the Murphy Foundation’s
    work using the oldest dogs as our greatest teachers to uncover the secrets of
    successful aging and cancer avoidance.
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                               Cool Dogs, Cool Science Featured at TEDx!!!
On April 12, The Old Grey Muzzle Tour 2013 finished center stage with Dr. Waters’ TEDx talk.
Dr. Waters was joined at the sold-out event by 20 other speakers to showcase creative progress and ingenuity. Dr. Waters captured the imagination of the audience by weaving together his personal experiences in the process of scientific discovery with how language can limit the scientific method and impede progress. Watch Dr. Waters’ inspirational performance – “The Oldest Dogs as Our Greatest Teachers: Get the Words Out of Your Eyes”. Click the video below to watch the talk.


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