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Micronutrients in Cancer Prevention:
Is Goldilocks Right After All?

In October 2014, Dr. Waters delivered a keynote talk at the opening session of the American Institute for Cancer Research Conference — one of the world's largest gathering of scientists and health professionals dedicated to the field of nutrition and cancer. The thought-provoking scientific session was titled “Micronutrients in Cancer Prevention: Is Goldilocks Right After All?” Murphy Foundation researchers have focused on defining the relationship between the essential trace mineral selenium and human prostate cancer risk and the challenge of optimizing health in a U-shaped world, where more of a “good thing” is not always better. Dr. Waters told the audience: “Whether you are a disciple of Aristotle and his golden mean or Goldilocks and her affinity for baby bear’s porridge, the message is the same: Seek the optimal middle. The message was well received, earning Murphy foundation scientists an invitation to publish an authoritative perspective on what we are calling “U-shaped Thinking” in the peer-reviewed, scientific journal Advances in Nutrition. U-shaped Thinking ushers in a new way of thinking about how to improve the design and conduct of cancer prevention trials. We will keep you updated so that you can download the paper from the Murphy Foundation website as soon as it becomes available.

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